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Captiva is a contoured and comfortable range of modular seating and can be offered in a number of interesting shapes to create innovative auditorium, waiting or relaxed meeting areas as well as formal reception suites. Units can be supplies with narrow or wide fronts which when utilised together can create straight runs but with eye catching and thought provoking shapes.

Product Information

CC4000                      Single unit no arms                               H:780   W:580   D:790   SH:420

CC4000AL                  Single unit with left arm                      H:780   W:640   D:790   SH:420

CC4000AR                 Single unit with right arm                   H:780    W:640   D:790   SH:420

CC4000AA                 Single armchair unit                             H:780   W:           D:790   SH:420

CC4000NF                 Single unit with 30 degree front        H:780    W:580   D790    SH:420

CC4000WF                Single unit with 60 degree front        H:780  W:580     D:790   SH:420

CC4000TO                Square table with oak top                   H:350   W:800   D:800   H:360

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