Modern stylish and acoustically efficient. Sam is designed for a number of applications including meeting, dining and booth type seating. Sam is available in a two or three seat version and without arms, with single arm or with double arm as required.

Matching tables in a number of sizes and finishes can be supplied.

Product Options

SAM-2            Two seater no arms            H:1300   W:1200   D:800   SH:470

SAM-2AL       Two seater arm left sat      H:1300   W:1300   D:800   SH:470

SAM-2AR       Two seater arm right sat   H:1300   W:1300   D:800   SH:470

SAM-2AA       Two seater with arms        H:1300   W:1400   D:800   SH:470

SAM-3            Three seater no arms         H:1300   W:1800   D:800   SH:470

SAM-3AL       Three seater arm left sat   H:1300   W:1900   D:800   SH:470

SAM-3AR      Thee seater arm right sat  H:1300   W:1900   D:800   SH:470

SAM-3AA      Three seater with arms     H:1300   W:2000   D:800   SH:470