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Crisp, curvaceous, continuous – Royale affords a multitude of configurations from a simple straight run perhaps with arms each side, a corner suite, a semi enclosed U or a C shape to a sinuous flow of eye catching and comfortable seating. Royale comprises a number of elements either with or without backs to create clever combinations and matching tables are also available for use either in-line or free standing legs are available in black for chrome

Product Options and Dimensions

Royale 1B        Single seat with back  H880 : W660 : D720 : SH450

Royale 1           Single seat no back    W660 : SH450

Royale 2B         Two seater with back   H880 : W1200 : D720 : SH450

Royale 2           Two seater no back   W1200 : SH450

Royale 3B        Three seater with back  H880 : W1800 : D720 : SH450

Royale 3          Three seater no back  W1800 : SH450

Royale 60BC    60 degree concave unit with back   H880 : W1100 : D720 : SH450

Royale 60BX    60 degree convex unit with back H880 : W1100 : D720 : SH450

Royale 60       60 degree unit no back  W1100 : SH450

Royale 1T      Single table  H450 : W600 : D720

Royale 2T     Double table  H450 : W1200

Royale 3T     Triple table  H450 : 1800

Royale 60T    60 degree table   H450 : W1100