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Combining a crisp contemporary look with comfort and flexibility. Pittsburgh is an  excellent solution for reception, meeting and social spaces away from the office. Units can be supplied in one, two or three seater versions with or without single or double arms. The back units can be supplied full width or slightly narrower to create two distinctive options.

Product Options and Dimensions

PBF1000          Full back single unit  H680 : W750 : D750 : SH410

PBF1000AL      Full back single unit left arm   H680 : W750 : D750 : SH410

PBF1000AR      Full back single unit right arm  H680 : W750 : D750 : SH410

PBF1000AA      Full back arm chair  H680 : W750 : D750 : SH410

PBF2000           Full back two seater unit    H680 : W1460 : D750 : SH410

PBF2000AL      Full back two seater left arm (sat)     H680 : W1460 : D750 : SH410

PBF2000AR     Full back two seater right arm (sat)    H680 : W1460 : D750 : SH410

PBF2000AA     Full back two seater unit with arms  H680 : W1460 : D750 : SH410

PBF3000          Full back three seater unit   H680 : W2100 : D750 : SH410

PBF3000AL     Full back three seater unit left arm (sat)   H680 : W2100 : D750 : SH410

PBF3000AR    Full back three seater unit right arm (sat)   H680 : W2100 : D750 : SH410

PBF3000AA    Full back three seater unit with arm   H680 : W2100 : D750 : SH410