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Manufactured using long lasting yet durable moulded foam around a sturdy steel sub-structure, Scarla is an attractive tub arm chair and is available with either a fully upholstered or lacquered laminated back in white or anthracite. Scarla can be supplied with a number of bases including show-wood beech legs, a chrome sled base, raised 4 star spider base with castors, a chrome disc base and a five star chrome base with castors.

Product Options

SCA-2-4W        Four beech leg base  H850 : W600 :  D590 :  H450

SCA-2-SK         Chrome wire sled base  H850 : W600 : D590 : H450

SCA-2-DISC       Swivel disc base  H850 : W600 : D590 : H450

SCA-2-5ST         Five star base and rocking tilt  H850-980  : W680 : D680 : H450-580

SCA-2-4ST         Spider 4 leg castor base  H850 : W600 : D590 ; SH450

Suffix WG          Show-wood outer shell in grey

Suffix WW        Show-wood outer shell in white